It's full on summer at the farm!

It's been a crazy season so far! With the early, hot, dry weather I decided to scrap a lot of transplants for crops that would have enjoyed a cool, wet spring, and instead plant lots of extra crops that like the heat (tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, cucumbers, etc). So far, that seems to have been a good idea!

purple pepper.jpg

Purple sweet peppers!


Sungold cherry tomatoes!

farmers market.jpg

I have also started to sell produce at the Elora Farmers Market. Come visit us in Bissell Park every Saturday from 9am-1pm!

Finally, my first small batch (experimenting with different ideas this year) of broilers (the term for chickens raised for meat) is almost ready! So far they all seem pretty happy with my set up, I have them patrolling the perimeter of the vegetable patch in portable pens that I move every day, so they've always got lots of weeds and bugs to snack on. If you would like to pre-order a chicken, send me an email! The first batch will be ready on August 9th.